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Trade Account Claims

Personal Guarantees on trade accounts are often used within the building trade. Builder’s merchants, electrical and plumbing wholesalers, and kitchen/bathroom suppliers to name a few. These companies are household names you will have heard of.  Often, those who have signed them claim to have been unaware that they have signed them at all. However, as in most instances within the law, ignorance is no excuse.The guarantees are often quickly and robustly enforced by the supplier, offering little time before legal proceedings are issued.

The reason for this approach is that the amounts claimed are typically below £10,000 and they rely upon individuals not wishing to defend the claims.
Whilst difficult to overcome these claims can be managed. Prompt action is imperative. We deal with these daily, and we know exactly how quickly and aggressively the guarantees will be enforced.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position where a trade account personal guarantee is being enforced, then get in touch with us as soon as you can and let us help sort it out. Call us on 0333 8801791 or get in touch via email at

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