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Top 5 concerns when there is a Personal Guarantee claim against you

We speak to worried directors on a daily basis. Through our free initial consultation process we get an overview of the claim against you which means we can give you some advice about what legal action you could be facing and how we can help you.

These calls are typically full of questions and here are what we hear the most:

  1. Can the creditor make me bankrupt?
  2. Will I lose my family home?
  3. Will the PG claim affect my credit rating?
  4. Will bailiffs turn up at my door?
  5. Will I have to pay the full amount back and what will the creditor accept?

We don’t have a magic wand; we can’t make the claim go away but what we can do is work with you to keep control of the situation and avoid legal action. With PGUK instructed any intended action by the creditor will be explained and dealt with. Stress and sleepless nights can be avoided. Working together your financial position can be assessed and if the creditor’s claim is valid a sensible commercial proposal can be submitted to settle the debt.

If you are here reading this because you have any of the questions above then please get in touch with us as soon as possible, ignoring it is not going to mean the claim goes away and prompt professional engagement with the creditor on your behalf will get you the best possible result.

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