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Personal Guarantees Services

Demands under personal guarantees arise through default or through company insolvency.

If you are receiving demand letters act now, take advice and keep control.

Proven approach and methodology

Valid personal guarantee claims are settled based on your own unique personal financial circumstances.

Knowing how to assess your income/expenditure and assets/liabilities and packaging these in a way to allow creditors to make informed decisions on the level of your offer to settle is key.

Producing properly calculated estimated outcome statements in the event of legal action further validate and set the level of offer to be made.

Personal Guarantees UK have a set methodology and approach which is proven to get you the best outcome possible.

Your personal guarantee claim could not be in better hands

Personal Guarantees UK will only take on a client if we are sure we can help you. Following the initial free consultation once instructed our service to you includes:

  • Checking the validity of the personal guarantee
  • Full assessment of your financial circumstances
  • Management of all correspondence and advice on the same
  • Production of settlement proposals and submission to creditors
  • Explanation of any legal action threatened and how to respond
  • Negotiation of the claim through to completion
  • Advice on formal personal insolvency options if circumstances dictate they are the best option

Once engaged the Personal Guarantees UK team have the experience and qualifications to assist you through all eventualities. It’s a holistic service drawing on over 40 years of insolvency experience.

Unrivalled experience to deal with all kinds of personal guarantees

Whatever personal guarantee, you may be facing we will have dealt with something similar already.

If you have one of the following personal guarantees we can help:

  • Bank personal guarantee
  • Secondary lender personal guarantee
  • Government backed lending over £250,000 personal guarantee
  • Corporate credit card facility personal guarantee
  • Amex corporate card joint and several liability
  • Property lease personal guarantee
  • Franchise personal guarantee
  • Hire purchase and finance personal guarantees
  • Trade account personal guarantees
  • Invoice finance personal guarantees
  • Any other personal guarantee

Whatever the personal guarantee early advice and keeping control are key to a successful outcome.

Trusted by hundreds of clients throughout the whole of the UK

"We can’t thank PGUK enough would recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in the unfortunate situation we did."