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Defining an all-monies clause

An ‘all monies clause’ also known as ‘all monies security’ is a lesser-known element of lender agreements. It covers all money owed and covers different arrangements. In essence, If you have a personal guarantee with a lender then any other loan you take out with them will be covered by that original personal guarantee.

We deal with clients all the time who are adamant that they didn’t sign a personal guarantee for a particular loan only for the lender to provide us with a valid all monies guarantee that was signed at the time of taking out a different loan. This is becoming more prevalent with CBILS loans particularly.

The paperwork and documents detailing the guarantee can be lengthy and hard to understand. One of the first steps we take here at PGUK is to review all documents and request the signed copies of guarantees from the lender looking to enforce the personal guarantee. Let us help you with a free initial consultation.

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