Whatever claim you may be facing as a result of company distress or company insolvency, Personal Guarantees UK can help.

Whether it is a personal guarantee claim or a claim from the liquidator we will check the validity of the claim, tell you what will be needed to settle it and negotiate everything through to conclusion.

We are here to help you the director

When companies are failing or have to enter into a formal insolvency process such as administration, creditors voluntary liquidation or creditors voluntary arrangement, directors are often left dealing with personal guarantee claims from creditors or claims from the insolvency practitioner.

Personal Guarantees UK are the UK’s longest standing and leading authority on how to negotiate and settle director personal claims.

See our comprehensive services encompassing all forms of personal guarantee and insolvency claims.

Our Services

Our goal is to get you the best possible settlement agreed which is commercially sensible for all parties.

It’s easy to assume whatever the claim value is that this is what will have to be repaid and if you can’t you will face legal action which could lead to bankruptcy or losing your house or other assets.

For over 10 years Personal Guarantees UK have been working with directors to settle claims based on their financial circumstances, affordability and estimating what creditors or insolvency practitioners will achieve in the event of legal action. Therefore, allowing us to negotiate the best possible deal for our clients.

Personal Guarantees

Experience of dealing with all personal guarantee claims from banks, secondary lenders, invoice finance, Amex, corporate cards, property lease, breweries, building supply merchants, franchise agreements and many others.

Directors Loan Account Claims

Probably the most common insolvency claim brought against directors. Challenging how these are calculated and what can be legitimately off set against them requires an in-depth knowledge of insolvency to achieve the best possible settlement.

Other Insolvency Claims

Technical insolvency claims such as misfeasance, transactions under value and preference claims require specialist knowledge to understand the claim, assess its validity and set out a commercial proposal to settle it. Personal Guarantees UK are not solicitors and can provide a cost effective alternative to resolving these claims against directors.

Director Liability Reviews

This is a pro-active service for directors to be undertaken at the very early signs of company stress. It involves advice to quantify and mitigate where possible future personal claims the director may face if things don’t improve for the company. It is worst case planning for possible company failure with the expressed aim of making sure any director’s personal financial liability is minimised or removed altogether.

Why Choose Us?

We have the knowledge and experience to achieve the best possible financial outcome for you.

We know how to get a deal done

We have a proven methodology and approach to negotiating with personal guarantee creditors and insolvency practitioners.

We negotiate on your behalf

Once instructed we deal with all correspondence, produce all proposal and supporting documentation and negotiate everything on your behalf.

Experience and knowledge

The team at Personal Guarantees UK have over 40 years personal and corporate insolvency experience and a wealth of practical experience which can be brought to bear on the most complex of cases.

You can focus on the future

By outsourcing the problem to us you can concentrate on your future and re-establishing your personal financial health.

The benefits of our service

By engaging Personal Guarantees UK you will:

  • Know you have settled the claim at the best deal possible.
  • Keep control of the situation avoiding legal action.
  • Have a highly experienced and qualified team available to you to advise on all your options to enable you to make informed decisions at every step.
  • Remove the stress and anxiety of facing claims alone.

What our clients say

Free Initial Consultation on Personal Guarantee and Insolvency claims.

Find out more about:

  • What legal action you could face, the consequences and how to avoid it.
  • Why you will not have to repay the full value of the claim.
  • What is likely to be required to settle your claim.
  • How claims are negotiated, what proposals should contain and how proposals should be presented to achieve sensible affordable settlements.

What have you got to lose? Remove the anxiety and stress caused by facing claims under personal guarantees and claims from your liquidator and call Personal Guarantees UK for a free initial consultation. With over 10 years of experience negotiating claims for directors you will be in safe hands.